Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Photographer's garden office

Nick Taylor from West London based architectural design company imby3 has been in touch about their freedomBOX range of garden buildings. Pictured above is a studio - sunk down 900mm into the ground - designed for Zelda Meyburgh, a photographer specialising in newborns and family portraits.  

"Zelda works from home, but with her business outgrowing her house it became more and more difficult to successfully carry out photo shoots," says Nick. "The ideal solution was to build a bespoke studio in her garden, with enough space to shoot in a series of different environments and with enough space to store all her equipment.

"Zelda wanted two studios, one allowing as much natural daylight as possible penetrating through and the other a smaller, darker, more controllable space. There was also a need for everyday garden storage and WC facilities, so we divided the allocated plot into three separate areas and allowed the building to express each element, using form and cladding. Underfloor heating was also very important in this project so that the floor could be warm and cosy for the many toddlers and babies waiting for their moment in the spotlight."

More pictures of the build below and we'll be looking at another imby3 project tomorrow. 

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  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Looks great! What have you done from building regs. point of view using cedar cladding <1m from the plot boundary?