Monday, January 13, 2014

1 in 10 commuters want to cry by the time they get to their desk

Citing inevitable delays, inability to get a seat and fellow travellers' body odour, one in ten commuters say their morning journey is so stressful and miserable, they want to cry by the time they arrive at their desk. And almost a fifth of Brits arrive at work so deflated they want to go straight back to bed.

The research was carried out by evian who quizzed 2,000 commuters about their daily journey to work. Commuters estimate they do eight days less work a year on average because their daily journey sees them arrive so tired and unhappy, the study reveals. The typical commuter feels they manage to do almost 18 minutes less work every day so based on an average working day of eight hours, employees are wasting eight whole days at work thanks to their morning commute. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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