Monday, May 20, 2013

Gill Lewis: shedworker

A nice piece in the Daily Telegraph by writer Gill Lewis about the delights of working in her garden treehouse in Somerset and the company of squirrels (click the link to her site which shows how keen she is on it from the first page). Here's a snippet:
"When they [her children] go to school I clamber up here with my coffee and a couple of biscuits and write for hours, away from the phone and the doorbell. My books are about animals and their relationship to humans, and being up in the tree, with the squirrels, connects me to nature. The area is full of deer, foxes, buzzards, starlings and badgers. You don't have to go on safari to see amazing wildlife. My ultimate tree house would be one of those capsules you see in glossy magazines, somewhere really high and remote – with a butler."
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