Monday, May 13, 2013

How will Permitted Development changes affect shedworkers? (updated)

Another great post by Shedworking's 'go to' person for details on the planning technicalities of shedworking, Lynn Fotheringham from Inside Out Buildings in which she poses (and then answers) the question, will the permitted development changes that come into force on May 30 affect people who work at home either in their house or in a garden office? Well worth a read if you're considering going down the garden office route.

And it's also worth reading Richard Grace from Garden Structures Ltd (formerly Aarco) on the subject of planning permission.
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1 comment:

  1. I follow very closely the permitted development legislation. There are NO changes in the latest set of ammended rules which change the situation for people who work at home in a Garden Office. The changes coming in to law on May 30th increase the rights to extend your house along with the introduction of a new "neighbour consultation scheme".

    Running a business from home has always been acceptable. It has never been acceptable to do anything at home which upsets neighbours and it never will be.

    It is both legal and socially acceptable to have an office at home and this situation has not changed in any way.

    Richard Grace - Garden Structures Ltd