Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New online networking event for homeworkers launched

While the Shedworking staff generally dislikes networking events, we have come across one or two that we like such as the marvellous Afternoon in the Pub and we have of course run our own sessions and Christmas parties for shedworkers.

So we were interested to hear about iHubbub's new online networking venture which they launched last night (always first with the news on this blog...) from their garden offices, attics and spare rooms to prove that online networking can be done from anywhere at any time (are you listening Marissa Mayer?).

Co-founder Ken Sheridan said: “We want to build our speed networking sessions so that as many members as possible get the chance to attend and pitch the products and services they provide.”

The idea is that each attendee has one minute to pitch their business and while they do this their member profile is shown on screen so other speed networking attendees can make contact with each other after the event (attendees last night came from a variety of locations including Munich and Fife).

For more information about the whole thing and the next event on March 21 at 5pm, go to

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