Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fitting a garden office when there's no access to the garden...

While erecting a garden office is reasonably straightforward, if there's no easy access to the back garden then things start to get a bit trickier. Maybe it's possible to use a crane, but if not then everything has to come through the house. Here's a recent example of just this from Log Cabins Scotland. The building - a Bertsch Holzbau corner entry cabin and shed combo in 58mm log with pre-painted windows and doors - was fitted in an Edinburgh back garden to which there was no acess other than via the house. This meant everything had to go through the hall, into the bathroom and past the shower screen door. The suppliers had to open and remove the shower room window and pass the whole building through there other than the door frame and windows and foundation which they carried through the house and round 90 degree corners out of the back door.

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