Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hus 1

A lovely shedlike atmosphere, Hus 1 is a tiny wooden (ash, spruce, aspen) house/large garden office designed and built by Torsten Ottesjö. It has a curved exterior and inside the 25 square metres of living space is a kitchen, sleeping area and hallway within 25 square metres of living space. Here's what Torsten says about it:
"Just like the numerous forms of the branches of a tree, humans love Nature in a variety of ways. Is it possible to build a house which can be loved by so many in countless different ways? I wanted to try to build a house which was seen as beautiful in the same complex way as Nature. Angles and flat levels are at odds with the creation of Nature, but what are the alternatives? How do you build something that feels unconstructed? How can you imitate Nature in the form of a house? By using doubled-curved surfaces and complex forms, I wanted to adapt the house to Nature’s infinite variety of form."
There are lots of excellent photos of the construction at the site. One of the key features of the design is its eco-friendliness which Torsten discusses. Among these elements is the interesting way in which moisture is evenly absorbed and distributed. Here he is again:
"All walls and roofs have a surface layer of biodegradable, cellulose-based, reinforced board which is resistent to water and wind, but open for moisture. This two-way directed moisture transfer is beneficial in times when the building is out of use or not heated. The spruce roof shingle is a porous layer which allows moisture to diffuse through the roof underlay."

Hus 1 from David Jackson Relan on Vimeo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. This is really Beautiful Alex.

  2. What a cracking design. Dont think you can get much more eye catching than that.