Thursday, July 04, 2024

Vote today! Twice!

Make your mark today, not only in the General Election, but also in this year's Shed of the Year which has released its own candidate shortlist. 

You can see the full shortlist at the usual online polling booth or via organiser Uncle Wilco's latest Substack newsletter, but pictured above are the two finalists in the Workshop/Studio category which is the nearest to a garden office. Pop's Shed is the work of Leicestershire's Martin Blenkinsop who uses it for painting and drawing. "As I am now 76 and registered disabled, I have just finished what will probably be my last shed, and this one was more of an indulgence than a necessity," he writes. "I now have a prosthetic leg and no longer consider myself disabled. I drive, garden, climb ladders and build sheds, but with the future in mind, my latest shed has a ramp built into the base, an extra wide push access door, ride under workstation and accessible fixtures and fittings. It also has a great view of the garden."

Cheltenham Corker is owned by Iain Jameson from Cheltenham who says: "This project was created for a retired couple who are also my parents in Cheltenham. They asked for a new potting shed that was as sustainably designed as possible to allow them a workshop space and a place to sit in the sunshine."

The Shed of the Year polls close on August 2 but perhaps best to vote now so you don't forget (although we'll be posting reminders in the leadup to the big day).


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