Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Installing a bathroom in your garden office

Most shedworkers will probably just nip back into the house if they need the use of a bathroom, but 'most' is not 'all' and there are increasing numbers looking to add one to their garden office or building for whatever reason (gym usage, spare room, simple comfort). Cosy Garden Rooms (example pictured above) has a useful short piece looking at some of the issues and considerations. Here's a snippet, on drainage:

Prior to incorporating a shower or toilet into your garden room, it's crucial to consider the disposal of water waste. Typically, this involves digging a trench for water pipes to connect to the nearest sewer, facilitating the efficient removal of wastewater. Ensuring that these pipes are installed below the frost line in the ground is essential to prevent potential damage during colder months. While this step may initially seem onerous and costly, the long-term benefits in terms of functionality and durability make it a worthwhile investment.

Well worth a browse via the link above if this is something you're considering. 


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