Monday, June 03, 2024

Garden room vs extension: case study

Following on from last week's discussion about the relative values of garden rooms and offices vs home extensions, here's a case study from Cosy Garden Rooms on this very subject.

So, Ian and Sue recently downsized to a bungalow in Belper, Derbyshire, with stunning views across the town and open countryside. After living in the house for a little while they missed a second reception room. Initially, they started looking into getting an extension to the rear of the property, but for various reasons this proved to be costly, time consuming and would mean quite a lot of disruption which they didn’t want.

Instead, Ian went for a multi-purpose, 5.5m x 3m garden room solution from Cosy Garden Rooms, a composite clad model, which is now a sitting room/television room with a pool table giving them the extra room they required.  

"I chose this solution," said Ian, "because the garden rooms are built so quickly and with very little mess or disturbance. It only  took the Cosy guys three days including building the base and it was hassle free. We didn’t need planning permission, so it really was an easy way to add space to the house. The room is really well insulated, it’s never that cold, it’s easy to heat and once you are inside, you would barely know the difference, using it all year round isn’t a problem.

“We have the extra space we wanted, and we added a canopy to the front so we can sit comfortably on the patio in the sunshine. We’ve used the room for relaxing, watching TV, enjoying the view, hosting parties, pool tournaments, and family nights. We’ve even had birthday parties for our grandchildren with a bouncy castle on the lawn. We use the garden room a lot, all year round. It never gets freezing cold and is quick and efficient to heat up. The garden room looks fantastic and has added a "wow" factor to our garden."


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