Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Custom-designed garden studio to showcase motorcycle collection.

Housed in a Smart Modular Buildings 4m x 4.5m Key Studio with bifold doors is this marvellous motorcycle collection owned by David Jacob, a replacement space for the old, damp garage that came with his new propety. Here's what he says about it:

“The “showroom” as it has been dubbed by friends has removed all issues I had previously had when storing bikes over winter. With them being in a dry, warm and secure building there are no problems when firing them up for the first time at the start of the riding season. The full-width doors are what make me happy every time I use them. Being able to pick a bike and take it out without a lot of hassle is such a luxury. When they were in the garage, they were tucked up at the back, behind the car. I really enjoy lazy summer evenings in the garden with the lights on in the showroom and the bikes all on display. For a petrolhead like me, it is a form of art installation.

“An unexpected upside was when I recently sold one of the bikes. The purchaser was simply blown away by coming to view a bike which was “on display” in such a perfect building. He was also a collector and was used to seeing bikes in a tatty shed or garage. He had driven five hours to view the bike and sent me a message the night before saying he hoped it would be worth the trip. As he sat on the sofa with a cup of tea looking at his new purchase shining under the spotlights, he said it definitely was…”


Malvern Garden Buildings offer a premium collection of garden buildings, displayed at 11 UK showsites.


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