Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Beach huts in danger at Milford on Sea to be removed

The New Forest District Council is to begin removing 31 damaged and at-risk beach huts at Hordle Cliff, Milford on Sea imminently.

The huts, along the eastern section at Hordle Cliff (pictured above), have been badly damaged because of beach erosion and ground movement following a series of winter storms, meaning the plots are no longer viable. The removal is planned to start on June 10. 

Steve Cook, NFDC coastal service manager, said: "We have actively engaged with hut owners and the New Forest Beach Hut Owners Association, and have every sympathy with those who have experienced impacts at this very challenging coastal area. The removal of the huts is a challenging operation, made more difficult by the limited beach access and tidal working. We hope to complete the works before the end of June and reopen the beach for residents and visitors to enjoy in the summer months.

"We advise anyone considering buying a beach hut or other asset on, or close to, the coast to consider the risk before purchasing. People are welcome to contact our coastal team to understand the risks."

NFDC has already closed a section of the cliff for safety reasons and terminated some beach hut licences. 
There are currently 300 beach huts at the Hordle Cliff site - huts that have licences terminated cannot be relocated as there are no available plots. 

The beach huts along the eastern section have become increasingly vulnerable to erosion and ground movement, particularly since Storm Eunice in February 2022. This winter has been one of the stormiest of record with Storm CiarĂ¡n (1st to 2nd Nov) causing further erosion, which has been compounded by high levels of rainfall. February 2024 was the wettest on record for Solent and South Downs (SSD) since 1891 and the area received 300% (174mm) of the (LTA) rainfall (58 mm). 

Image courtesy New Forest District Council


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