Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Working from home cuts burglary levels, claims new report

A new report from global independent research network CESifo indicates that as well as chopping out your commute, shedworking from a garden office and working from home in general reduces levels of burglary.

In their study 'Do Remote Workers Deter Neighborhood Crime? Evidence from the Rise of Working from Home', authors Jesse Matheson, Brendon McConnell, James Rockey, and Argyris Sakalis show that WFH (as the Shedworking staff hate to call it) is responsible for about half of the 30% drop in burglarization since 2019 in England and Wales. More specifically, in an area where there's about a 10% rise in homeworking, there's a correspondeing 4% fall in burglaries.

On the downside, what seems to happen is that the problem gets pushed into neighbouring areas where there is less working from home.



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