Monday, February 12, 2024

Off the Grid by Dominic Bradbury

A new addition for your shedworking bookshelf, Off the Grid: Houses for Escape Across North America by Dominic Bradbury is the latest beautifully produced book about building small from Thames & Hudson [disclaimer: they have published several of my books, Bookshelf, Improbable Libraries, and Art Day by Day]. It follows his earlier global look at the same subject, covered on Shedworking. This one showcases more than 40 intriguing off-grid homes in North America, in pretty wild and remote spots. Here's what the publishers say about it:

Living off the grid has become increasingly desirable in recent years. Escaping the city to be immersed in nature is ever more appealing as the pressures of everyday life increase. The need to reduce our carbon footprints as the effects of climate change become a reality has brought sustainable living, particularly in off-grid and net-zero houses, to the forefront.

In Off the Grid: Houses for Escape Across North America, Dominic Bradbury turns to North America to showcase how architects are making living in the wilderness a more affordable and attainable dream. From cabins deep in the forest to desert homes and stunning coastal retreats, this collection of the most innovative off-grid homes reveals how clever design is redefining the possibilities for living in some of the most extraordinary natural environments on Earth.

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