Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Shou Sugi Bangers music studio

This is the tremendous exterior to the Shou Sugi Bangers music studio designed by Unknown Works, a charred and scalloped accoya music recording studio in Peckham, London, for a major London-based producer. As you know, we are suckers for anything remotely underground and this is semi-sunken. Here's what Unknown Works say about it:

The building utilises a carefully designed set of CNC-milled larch panels, textured at both a macro and micro level, to create a variety of soundscapes across its facade; a reflection of the hyper controlled acoustic environment on the inside. A gradient of concave to smooth surfaces help either augment or mitigate the collection of sounds from the surrounding garden. ⁠

Built as a 'room within a room', the interior of the studio is designed as a meditative space, naturally lit by a singular, acoustically attenuated oculus above. The room is 'tuned' by a series of acoustic baffles and bass traps that eliminate reverb and ensure a perfectly balanced audio environment. ⁠

Head over to dezeen for lots more marvellous photos of it by Lorenzo Zandri.


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