Thursday, January 11, 2024

New garden office could add nearly £10,000 to your property's value

Although the main reason to get a garden office is usually not as an investment, various figures over the years indicate that a good quality one which is well maintained can definitely be an asset. This is confirmed by latest figures from online estate agent Get Agent who have crunched the numbers to see what are the best ways to improve your property to get it ready for sale in 2024.

They estimate that a deep clean can add just over £7,000, repainting and redecorating nearly £6,000, and a garden shed £4,600. But their top tip is a home office/garden office at £9,584, ideally not turning a spare bedroom into a home office as this removes valuable bedroom space. They suggest that something well-furnished with electricity and warmth should cost around £12,000. 

"It’s a hefty investment," said a spokespeson, "but will confidently add an expected 7.5% to your home’s market value. At the current average UK house price of £287,782, this is a value add of £21,584, leaving you with a renovation profit of £9,584."

Co-founder and CEO of, Colby Short, said: “While the rate of house price growth may have slowed in 2023, the market has stood firm and so sellers should remain confident that their home is likely to achieve a strong price in the current market. We’re now starting to see buyers return to the fold, with mortgage approvals having climbed over the last two consecutive months and this will also help increase the price a seller can achieve. However, there are a number of things you can undertake to help further increase the asking price potential of your property." 

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