Thursday, January 18, 2024

Hot drinks in cold conditions

Many shedworkers are also keen coffee drinkers. I've not tried them myself, but I was intrigued to recently come across the 'ember' cup. The USP is that it is a 'smart' mug which allows you to set the temperature - 50°C - 62.5 °C - at which you like to drink your [insert type of coffee here], ensuring thanks to a built-in battery that it stays that way throughout your drinking experience (up to an hour an a half or all the ding dang day if you use the charging coaster which comes as standard) rather than getting a bit old and yucky. I have tried insulated mugs before and quite enjoyed them. One slight issue is that you don't get much/any change out of £100 when you buy one. But for the right person it could be a tremendous investment and stop you reheating old dregs in the microwave.


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