Friday, November 03, 2023

Redesigned bothies

News from our friends at Bothy Stores who have redesigned their Bothy models to provide more space and better outlooks. The Craft, Artist and Studio Bothies have all been expanded slightly, both externally and internally, to provide a larger floor area, and they now offer two different internal configurations for their Craft, Artist and Studio Bothies (both allow for flexible use but one is designed predominantly for work and the other for living). Each Bothy can comfortably accommodate either a bed or desk, along with other furniture and features that transform the simple interior into a space for inspiration or relaxation. 

The scaled-up Bothies provide more interior space for the same price as the original versions. The internal width of all units has increased to 3.3m from the previous 2.7m. They have lengthened the Artist Bothy and the Craft Bothy by 50cm, making the Artist Bothy 6m long and the Craft Bothy 4.5m long. Window sizes have also increased, with a square 2m opening on the side elevation. 

They have removed the mezzanine platform bed from the Artist and Studio Bothies and replaced this with the option for a standard bed in the enlarged living space.


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