Thursday, November 02, 2023

Garden studio home jewellery business

In 2021, jewellery designer and maker Eleanor Swinhoe decided it was the right time to upgrade her workspace and this led her to Garden Affairs. In addition to needing more room, and a workspace fit for purpose, comfort in the winter was a priority as she makes most of her work during the winter months and exhibits and sells during the summer months. 

Like many people during the covid pandemic, Eleanor had been struggling to find her own space in the house to design and create her exquisite jewellery. The lack of privacy and individual space, together with the constant pressure to tidy up, left Eleanor feeling frustrated and like everyone was always on top of each other. Already in the process of selling their home, Eleanor and her husband looked for the perfect house with a garden big enough to fit her new studio. 

Eleanor wanted something that was modern looking and in a colourway that was natural and muted to blend into her beautiful garden. She decided on the Proline model (pictured above). The main concern was a space big enough to house all her materials, equipment and both her workshop desk and a computer desk. Working with silver sometimes uses chemical processes, this meant Eleanor also needed running water and a sink area. 

In addition, Eleanor needed a space where she could invite a customer into the garden studio to consult on a custom design in comfort. Despite needing the building to perform many different functions, the Proline was the perfect building to use in terms of size and space for the business but didn’t overwhelm her important garden space, and she ordered the garden studio before she had even moved house, wanting to get the order on the way. 

Eleanor’s new garden studio features low-maintenance Tricoya cladding and is internally lined with tongue and groove MDF. The exterior is factory painted in ‘Pebble Grey’ to blend into her beautiful garden landscape. Her garden studio was fitted with insulation in the roof, walls, and floor to make the space toasty during the winter months and cool in the summer months. Eleanor’s garden studio features windows on all four sides, large windows on the front elevation and smaller ones on the sides and back. As her garden is south facing, this meant that she could take advantage of all the natural light which floods her workspace for her detailed jewellery work. 

“It means that I have a quiet and private space away from the house and family and pets!," she says. "I am able to think and focus on my work without distraction, though in all honesty I'm now distracted by the garden and the birds! Practically, it has given me a beautifully light and warm space to make my jewellery. Previously I had a rather dark room in the house which I was having to light artificially. I love having a workspace where I can leave half-finished projects and tools, and I know that everything will be in exactly the same space when I return to it.”


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