Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Worcester community garden opens new garden office

Worcester community garden has unveiled a new office and tool store, funded by an award from the National Lottery and a grant from Worcester city council. The build sits on a giant pontoon so that when the annual garden floods occur the structure will float above the floodwaters, protecting the volunteers' tools and equipment.

Pictured above cutting the ribbon at the unveiling ceremony was Keith Slater of Community Boost who was key in helping to secure funding for the project. “Ever since I was first introduced to the garden and its volunteers I have said that this is one of the hidden jewels in the city’s crown," he said. "If anyone wants to see what a huge and positive difference an ever-growing number of volunteers can make to improve the quality of life for all involved, then this community garden is their place to visit.”

“The floating office and tool store is an imaginative response to the growing challenge that flooding presents for us," added Chair of trustees at Worcester community garden, Steve Dent. "It has been a great morale booster to see the structure going up so soon after the damage caused by the January and February floods. We are enormously grateful to Keith Slater for helping us achieve this ambitious milestone.”


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