Thursday, April 06, 2023

Dreadnort Boats' P.O.D.

An intriguing build here (with hat tip to Uncle Wilco from from Dreadnort Boats in New Zealand. The pod here is actually 'P.O.D.' which stands for Point Of Difference, an irregularly-shaped prototype built from toughened safety glass windows and marine-grade aluminum plating, marketed as a garden/portable office. It comes in at 5.1m x 2.5m x 2.5 m and is mounted on height-adjustable jacks.

Features include solar panels,  space for an optimistically estimated dozen people to sit down, under-seat storage, drop-down tables (which double up as beds). According to the designers: "Our concept came about from a case study in 2011 for a multi-use tsunami survival shelter that would double as a boat and caravan" though they point out that "It should be noted that our POD, in its current form will not stand up to the forces of a tsunami due to our door design and large windows."


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