Wednesday, September 07, 2022

End of an era for George Saunders' garden office

We've mentioned novelist George Saunders and his writing shed, pictured above, several times before here on Shedworking, so we were sorry to read that he has effectively called time on it by moving to California and leaving it behind (it would be a tricky one to move). Here's what he says in his latest newsletter about it:

Finally, I want to say a proper and public GOODBYE and THANKS to one of the best non-sentient pals I ever had, my writing shed here in Oneonta. It was very good to me. I remember finishing Lincoln in the Bardo in there the fall of….2016, maybe? I was out here alone, driving to Syracuse to teach Wednesdays through Thursdays, but then the rest of the week I was racing to finish the book, sometimes fourteen hours a day, feeling everything falling into place in this crazy way I’d never experienced before (all the bowling pins coming down on their own, smiling at me, all of them meaning something, something extra, that I hadn’t anticipated), racing out of the shed to walk the trails when I needed a little time to think, or going over to the house for the excellent creativity blend of Graham crackers plus Wilco or Sleater-Kinney…and, by the end of the semester, the book was done.

And most of Tenth of December was written in there too.

These places, these places, this short and sacred life…

Goodbye, old friend,

I know I’ll dream of you often.


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