Saturday, September 10, 2022

Garden studio linked to house

As we all know, the first rule of Garden Office Club is that it has to be completely detached from the main home building. It can still be a first rate home office, but if it's part of the home it's by definition not a garden office. But we may have to rethink the history books thanks to this intriguing design from Shape Architecture for a build in Hammersmith, London.

It's a garden studio with a glazed link to the garden flat behind, not yet built but with planning permission granted. Here's what they say about it:

"The studio is a creative response to the garden setting and the glazed link is wide enough to provide further opportunities to sit and admire the garden.  A composition of various types and size of glass panels ensure the studio and link are flooded with light and a wide variety of views are had.  This composition of glass sits well with a series of green sedum roofs that define the various spaces.  The nature of the site also allows for a second entrance to be created off the side street."


Welcome to your new teak garden room from Moonalabs. Unparalleled quality at an affordable price.


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