Tuesday, July 20, 2021

CARRavan: towable writing cabin

Life Space Cabins produce bespoke shedlike atmospheres for a wide variety of purposes. Our eye was paraticularly caught by this one, the Carravan, which was designed and constructed during lockdown. Built for a writer, it's a moveable cabin - a steel structure on a hand-built chassis with large double-glazed aluminium windows/doors, clad in angled slatted larch painted black - that can be towed by a tractor around the client's large farm in Sussex. The large amount of glass used in the build helps to, as they say, "bring the outside in" and it's also off-grid, with two drop down shutters that turn into decks. Features include a small kitchen and bathroom, but our favourite touch is a mirror on the skirt of the cabin that hides the chassis and reflects the grass it stands on. Lots more photos and details here.


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