Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Garden offices and VAT

Queries about how much you can claim back from your tax when buying a garden office turn up regularly in the Shedworking electronic postbag, but here's an interesting angle which is less commonly discussed, the impact of VAT.

VAT advice consultant Sally Takins from Cromer Taxwise takes a look at the issue (more details at the link) and here's a snippet:
For a fully taxable business, whether the VAT is incurred on goods or services can often be a moot point. However, if the business is on the flat-rate scheme, do not assume, if the total expenditure is over £2,000, that the VAT can be recovered under the capital expenditure goods rules. Building services and the materials subsumed therein are not goods for VAT purposes. It may be possible to argue that the purchase of a complete lodge/structure, which needs siting, can be goods, but advice should be sought before any claim is made.
It's well worth a look for more detail and as always we recommend you talk to your personal tax adviser before doing anything hasty.

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