Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Garden office for type foundry in Northumberland

A great build by 3rdSpace in Northumberland for type foundry The Northern Block which is actually a multi-shedworking space as it has up to half a dozen people working in there at a time. There's an interesting interview with the company's founder Jonathan Hill on the 3rdSpace website here but here's a snippet:
I’ve always been a massive fan of both Modernism and cleverly-designed small spaces. I learned in Japan how they made so much of small spaces, better than anyone else. I love simple material palettes, minimal spaces, leaving complexity to the hidden details. This studio sometimes has up to six or seven people working in it. Our business is like a small family, people are given an equal voice but not everyone is the right fit, it doesn’t work for everyone. It has to be a real collaborative effort, there is nowhere to hide in a space like this!
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