Thursday, May 16, 2019

Alice Feeney: shedworker

Surrey-based journalist and novelist Alice Feeney - Sometimes I Lie, I Know Who You Are - writes in her garden office shed (her Twitter location has her at 'The shed, England'). As she explained to Goodreads: "I work in my garden shed now with my co-writer, a giant black Labrador who is scared of feathers, and it really is the best job in the world." Here she is talking to Suffolk Libraries about Sometimes I Lie:
I wrote this novel while working full time as a producer on the BBC’s One O’clock News, so some parts were written in my garden shed at home, but others were written on the train to work or in my lunch breaks.
And here she is telling Christina McDonald about her shed writing routine:
I write more than ever before now that I don’t have to fit it around work, which is wonderful. I tend to start pretty early (I’ve been known to go to the writing shed at 0300 in the morning) and I take a break when my dog tells me to (he rests his head on my keyboard so I can’t type).
As she told the Daily Mail: "I spend most days in my garden shed, with just my dog and my characters for company. It's where I am most happy."

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