Thursday, February 02, 2017

The return of the shipping container garden office - Part 1

Using shipping containers as garden offices was very popular a few years ago and it seems to be on the way back into favour (see here for a recent example in York). An interesting article on the BBC site by Simon Fry - Boxing clever: The firms based in shipping containers - which concentrates largely on the 50 containers that make up Pop Brixton and Boxpark, both in London. Here's a snippet
Each offers start-up businesses a more affordable way to get a roof over their heads, and the opportunity to rub shoulders with other like-minded firms... In 2015, 2.48 million standard-size 40ft (12m) shipping containers arrived in the UK, but only 2.41 million left again, according to official figures from the Department for Transport. The ones that stay are typically retired from service due to wear and tear, and put up for sale. And if you fancy one as a large garden shed, you can pick one up for about £1,100.
Well worth a read. More on this subject tomorrow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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