Monday, February 27, 2017

Religious Sheds Week: Hilda

We're running a week-long series of posts over the next five days celebrating the overlap between sheds and religion. To start us off, here is 'Hilda' (more images at the link) entered this year for the first time in the Shed of the Year competition, a shepherd's hut converted into a prayer shed. It includes a sofa bed and woodburning stove. Named after St Hilda of Whitby (among whose nuns in the order at Sneaton Castle in Whitby is the Shedworking editor's cousin, factfans), here's what owner Rob Hilton says about it:

"As a church minister the Shepherding link seemed appropriate. Somewhere to retreat to, shelter and rest, also in some ways a monastic cell for prayer, mindfulness and stillness. Built almost entirely from recycled material, I learnt to weld to create the chassis, used old victorian wheels, and discovered farmer's suppliers as both friendly and very cheap for the material I did have to buy. Named after St Hilda of Whitby, a Seventh Century British Christian."
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1 comment:

  1. That's a lovely one. My shed was going to be like a simple Zen teahouse, but I forgot who would be using it. Now it's full of books, art supplies, rocks, weeds, bits of interesting wood, bones, cats...