Monday, March 28, 2016

The fall and rise of the shepherd's hut

A nice piece in the Daily Telegraph by Eleanor Doughty looks at the rise of the shepherd's hut as a popular garden office (and general garden building) choice. There's a chat with long time friend of Shedworking Richard Lee from hutmakers Plankbridge and also with Paul Bennett from Red Sky Shepherd's Huts. Here's what he says:
“People are moving around less, and increasingly looking for extensions for their houses. But that’s a massive undertaking, it’s messy and expensive. A shepherd’s hut is low maintenance. All you’ve got to do is hook it up to an electric supply, and you’ve got an instant extension. It is the most personal room you ever own. When you move you can take it with you. That’s a big deal.”
Well worth a browse. --------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. Love the shepherd;s huts fro Andy

  2. just came across this website. I recognise the shed in the image I am convinced it is a shed belonging to a famous writer or situated int eh grounds of a stateley home i have visited...maybe someone could kindly enlighten me...thanks