Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Shedworking standing up

I know various shedworkers who - like Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway - prefer to work at a stand-up desk (and even a couple who have treadmill desks). For them, and others considering this way of working, there's an interesting article at the Guardian on whether it is healthier and more efficient or not. Here's a snippet:
While the benefits of standing desks may be overstated, the risks of sitting are not. You can take walking breaks throughout the day and use the stairs, whatever desk you have.
Well worth a quick browse. ----------------------------------------------------
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  1. this study made me so angry, everyone has misinterpreted it because NPR in the States got some great quotes from one of the authors, but the guardian got the key thing: "They found that sit-stand desks reduced sitting by between 30 minutes and two hours a day."
    it was not a study about standing vs sitting, it was about fancy expensive electric moving desks. and given the choice, most people tend to take the easy way out and sit.

    The Guardian did a better job than most. but they still got it wrong.

  2. Its a great idea, unless you are using some very difficult software!