Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shedworking during children's holidays

New research from small business insurer Direct Line for Business makes interesting reading for shedworkers. It reveals that 60 per cent of the estimated 844,000 home business owners with dependent children will take time away from their business to invest in their young ones during summer school holidays.

On average, these home business owners will invest four hours of working time every day to make up for the time they take away from work to look after and entertain their children during school breaks. Direct Line reckon that the summer holidays will cost home businesses in the region of £658 million.

While there may be financial implications for home businesses, the research reveals that many children gain valuable exposure to the world of business through their entrepreneurial parents. Three in ten parents suggest that their children learn entrepreneurial skills and over a quarter of children learn the value of work.

Almost a third of parents feel their children being at home during the holidays gives them a reason to work hard and succeed, while a quarter receive moral support from their kids and 13 per cent say they benefit from the extra company they receive during the school holidays. Additionally, 10 per cent of home business operators highlighted that they are more productive when their children are on holiday. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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