Friday, July 10, 2015

Garden office and beach hut insurance: "Everyone gets the insurance they deserve"

A guest post by Matt Briggs of Love Your Hut

Remember when supermarkets used to only sell tins, packets, non-perishables and, if you were lucky, the odd bag of frozen peas? Gone are those days, as a trip to any of the “Big 5” will show you. Clothing, washing machines, garden furniture and large screen TVs are just some of the non-food items attempting to part you from even more of your hard earned cash.

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m still a big believer in specialism and expertise: my next TV will be bought from a specialist electronics retailer. Similarly, would you trust your average home insurer to be completely ‘au fait’ with the ins and outs of insurance for shedworkers? Can you be sure that your existing home insurance policy is, frankly, up to the job of protecting your shed/outbuilding and its contents?

Love Your Hut is proudly ‘niche’ – we provide bespoke insurance cover specifically for shedworking, shepherd’s huts, tiny houses, beach huts and chalets. Every case is unique to us, we don’t do ‘standard’ and genuinely believe in personal service. To use the supermarket analogy again, we’re the ‘family butcher’ to the big-name insurer’s ‘pre-packed meat counter’! With over 20 years’ combined experience of insuring unconventional structures of all shapes and sizes, we’re proud of the fact that it’s all we do.

We’re not a jack of all trades, but we like to think we’re the master of this one.

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