Monday, February 02, 2015

Garden office of the future

Shedworkers will be intrigued by the winning entries in the Metropolis Magazine competition to design the workspace of the future. Several of the shortlisted finalists' designs have distinctly shedlike elements to them (especially the Cell, see below), with the winning entry coming from UK-based interior designers Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson.

According to Metropolist, their Organic Grid+ design (above) "flipped the basic open-office layout on its head by putting the employee’s well-being at the forefront, while also addressing ergonomics and sustainability in one concise plan" - their simple yet radical idea was to come up with an office which employees liked being in. Lots more details at Metropolis.

We were also intrigued by the various shedworkingesque features of Edward Ogosta's Hybrid Office which was in the runners-up spot...

and by Studiopant's The Cell, an on-the-move shedworking idea.

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