Monday, November 24, 2014

Small businesses increasingly run from home and garden offices

Just over eight out of 10 of the UK’s small businesses - those with under 10 employees - now use their home as a workplace, according to research from Lloyds Bank Insurance.

Its Big Issues for Small Businesses report shows that just over half of all microbusinesses are run from home.

More than three quarters of these homeworkers have made significant changes to their property to make it 'work ready' -  the average cost of adapting homes for working life is £1,392, with the most popular change being a room-to-office conversion (carried out by 42 per cent).

While the living room is the most popular spot within the home to work (41 per cent said they worked here), closely followed by the dining room and kitchen, a whopping 13 per cent also went to work in their garden office or garage.

Being able to work from home is the main driver for almost half of those who have taken this work path, while three quarters say they simply enjoy working from home and feel it provides greater flexibility. Two thirds also argue that it makes better financial sense, while 57 per cent say it actually improves productivity.

Indeed, the main drawback according to more than a third of those questioned is working more than they would like and a similar figure admit they miss the sociable atmosphere of a traditional office. Around 36 per cent also say that their homes are messier since they started working from home.

Other worries include somebody in the family deleting/losing a document (17 per cent), while 10 per cent admit damaging a work device by spilling a drink on it.

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  1. Very contemporary design.
    It would be great if when designing garden offices one would go from the box shape to a more friendly human form! Aesthetics, and the use of materials are as important as design!

  2. Nice little article, my business is based entirely from home and you're right, I do miss the office environment sometimes, but at least I get to play what I want on the radio!

    Great sheds by the way, if things go well next year, might have to seriously consider one, better than my pokey little office!