Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sully Primary School's Dylan Thomas-inspired writing shed

A lovely piece in the Penarth Times looks at the local Sully Primary School's shedworking initiative, a writing shed, pictured above, funded by the school's PTA and officially opened by nine-year-old pupil Christian Morton who came third in BBC Radio 2’s Children’s Story Writing Competition.

The idea for the shed came from teacher Laura Sheldon who showed her class a picture of Dylan Thomas's writing shed and discovered they were inspired to emulate it. According to the newspaper report: "It is hoped that the writing shed will be a quiet place to inspire youngsters to write stories, poems, plays and songs. The writing shed is also full of a range of unique items, including pictures, paintings and a gas lamp, to inspire children in their writing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. Great Idea . I like to write in the garden because of its calm and cool atmosphere.

  2. I would like a shed with a wood stove in it for writing in the winter too. Maybe away from my house a bit so it was more private.