Thursday, June 20, 2013

Man banned from his own shed

It's not been a good week for Simon Redclift.  After admitting a couple of slightly shed-related cannabis offences at Cardiff Crown Court, Simon was then banned by Judge David Wynn Morgan from entering his shed and warned he could go to prison if he went inside while on bail.

Indeed, the story gets worse as Simon, an antique collector from Dinas Powys, was also told by the judge that he faces the prospect of being forced to dismantle it.

Simon told the court that he liked to relax in the shed, watching films or doing some woodwork and would be unhappy to see the shed go, adding that he was nevertheless prepared to take it down if so ordered.

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  1. Cannabis is an awful drug, its additive and more than that it destroys all get up and go! Our children are way too obese as it is, and having them sitting at home stoned and munching on food 24/7 is not what we want for our community.
    This guy should be banned from having a garden , shed, or any kind of grow area forever!

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

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