Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Detached: Rachel Whiteread's sheds

Arguably the UK's most famous sculptor, Rachel Whiteread’s new show 'Detached' at the Gagosian gallery opening next month follows a familiar pattern, but while she largely made her name 20 years ago by making a full scale cast of the inside of a house, this exhibition will feature casts of empty sheds (including 'Untitled 2012' above) which, according to Ben Luke in the Royal Academy magazine, "radiate everyday poetry".

Here's what he says: "Inspiration came from a boathouse she cast in Gran, Norway, in 2010. Whiteread said she ‘wanted to make a shy sculpture... that would stand there, peaceful and noble.’ Her subsequent series of cast sheds are uncanny sculptures, revealing her trademark balance of minimalist rigour and gentle domestic poeticism."

Interestingly, Whiteread has a dedicated drawing studio which is detached from her sculpture studio.

Runs at the Gagosian, Britannia Street, April 11–May 25. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. A detached garden studio like this is perfect for professionals working from home. I had no idea there are so many varieties of these small structures available. They're economical as well as friendly to the outdoor garden environment.