Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Biggest garden office in the world contender

"My wife and I work from home," writes Richard Williams of Eco Bods.  "Once we got more business than the back bedroom could handle we rented an office but then realised we had a chicken shed at the bottom of the garden. Not any old shed but a huge one that I inherited. When I proposed to my wife Swarni she said "Yes but..." - the but was I could not kill animals as part of my income.

"The chicken shed was rented out after my late parents gave up farming poultry and was doing nothing for years Although our current business is still run by my wife and I, we wanted to have a cool space to work in. To do this we made an Energy Conservation Centre to fill with heat pumps and solar. I hope to share it with other like minded people but at the moment my wife and I have 7,000 square feet each." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. Wow, huge. Its about 10 times the size of my garden but what a great airy space. Down side: Someone missed the bin and one of the lights are slightly out of line! lol, just kidding, love it.

  2. Fab post

    I build garden offices in an ex Chicken Shed - inside it does not look anything like this. But nothing is killed inside my shed either!!!


  3. Amazing Space.........