Thursday, January 19, 2017

A guide to garden office wall thickness

Hard on the heels of this guide to garden office timber, comes a similar brief look at the importance of wall thickness and how much you need from Garden Life Cabins. It looks at five options
  • 19mm - 28mm thick
  • 34mm - 44mm
  • 70mm thick
  • 44mm + and 70mm + (customisable)
  • Quick Fit (18mm + frame)
Here's a snippet:
The basic rule with wall thickness is the thicker the timber, the better the insulation and durability. So, a year-round garden office generally needs thicker logs than a summer house you’ll use only in high summer. Please note that insulation and heat loss are not only dependent on the thickness of the walls: windows make a difference too.
Well worth a quick browse. You can read the whole thing here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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