Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Can I claim tax back for my garden office?

One of the commonest sets of questions sent to Shedworking Towers are variations on the 'What kind of tax breaks can I claim if I become a shedworker?' theme. There does not seem to be any really hard and fast rule, it depends who you talk to, but there's another point of view from accountants Peter Jarman at their site here which is well worth a quick read (but essentially fittings, running costs, VAT and resale are all ok, deductions for buildings are not). Here's a snippet:
Tax deductions for the building  X
A garden building, whilst being a movable item, is considered a structure from which your business operates by HMRC and therefore the cost of the building is not allowable against business profits. This disallowance goes as far as the design and planning of the structure as well as the initial decoration.
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