Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Fancy a shed party in 2024?

An open letter from Uncle Wilco which has just dropped into my invoice which may well be of interest to readers:

So 2024 is the 18th year since I came up with this idea of Shed of the year #shedoftheyear - it's been a weird creation that has taken on a world of itself, brought a lot of joy not only to myself (and given me some sort of career out of a hobby of liking sheds) but I hope it's brought a bit of fun to hundreds of sheddies around the world who have created some of the best spaces out there. 

I first registered the domain name on 03-Jul-2000 (that will be 24 years next year, which is even madder, and I built a shed sharing website soon after.) But it was not until 2007 I decided to run a competition as I thought the British shed should be celebrated. 

I would love to have a party. Maybe sometime around July 2024. So I will get my thinking cap on...... and if you have any ideas let me know.... and maybe someone with a massive shed could host it and hopefully the sheddies, old and new, could meet up.


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