Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Le festival des cabanes

It's the eighth outing for his marvellous festival in France, Le festival des cabanes (site available in English and German as well as French). Here's what they say about it:

The hut festival is a festival of architecture. It questions us about the relationship we have with nature. How do we settle there? What relationship do we have with our landscapes, with our environment? How do we find our rightful place? It seems that these questions are deeply topical. The hut festival as a new beginning, a way of looking to the future.
Entrants build models in the early part of the year which are then judged by a professional panel, and the winners get to see their designs built in time for the summer for public admiration until November. There's plenty to enjoy on the site, including details and designs from previous years.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Uncle Wilco from readersheds.com for spotting this.


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