Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Christmas gingerbread sheds

We've talked about festive gingerbread sheds on Shedworking in previous years, but if you'd rather buy a kit than make one yourself there are a few possibilities still out there. Above is the quite compact kit from flying tiger which includes 150g of gingerbread, enough to build three sheds (you need to do the icing and decoration yourself, as well as the assembly of course). The gingerbread is made with sustainable palm oil.


Alternatively, you could head to Waitrose for one of their Gingerbread Chalet Kits (styled as a house kit in this image but also marketed as 'chalet' elsewhere). You get a gingerbread mix sachet, white royal icing sachet, red writing icing pen, and boiled sweets, plus a piping bag. All you need is some unsalted butter, water and honey/syrup if you want extra sweetness.

There's just time to get one sent from Honeywell Bakes too. They provide you with a template, piping bags, cake board, decorations, icing and all the dry ingredients to bake the gingerbread shed. All packaging is eco-friendly, and a percentage from every sale is donated to their charity partner, 1% For The Planet.

Finally, rather more fancily, is Eddingtons' 20 piece kit available from Selfridges, complete with nine cookie cutters, six icing bags, four nozzles, recipe and decoration instructions

An honourable mention to Nikki Wills who lives literarlly just round the corner from Shedworking HQ and runs the marvellous tikkido.com. This year, she has been reproducing some of the many pubs in St Albans in gingerbread format (see her instagram page), including the Shedworking staff's local, the White Hart Tap.


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