Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Garden office ballet studio

After and before shots above of a build from eDEN Garden Rooms which is being used as a ballet studio, occasional office space and summer guest room. It is built boundary-to-boundary with an additional window on the left side for ventilation. At the front is a decked area with above overhang featuring LED spotlights. Other features include underfloor heating, recess lighting, and full plasterboard and paint finish on the walls as standard.

"By ensuring that lighting is recessed into the ceiling, this means the customer does not compromise on losing any internal height, which is extremely important when being used to practice ballet!" said eDEN spokeswoman Mia Walmsley. "One particularly interesting feature on this garden room is the use of horizontal cedar slatting to the right side of the decking area, which is both an aesthetically pleasing and practical addition. With bi-fold doors, there is the inevitable need for the doors to be stacked on one side when open. Rather than allow them just to ‘hang’, our customer wanted to come up with a quirky design feature to focus the eye away from the stacked doors and to create a stylish finish to the design. The horizontal slatting does just that, and contrasts beautifully with the vertical cladding and decking area, adding a fantastic personal touch to the design."

One of the members of the landscaping team which worked on the garden after the office was finished was so impressed with the build that they ordered an eDEN Garden Room for himself.

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