Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Minima Moralia: Rooftop garden office

Minima Moralia is a garden office workspace which has been designed for use on rooftops as well as back gardens. Designed by London-based architects Jonas Prišmontas and Tomaso Boano, it attempts to deal with the live-work conundrum using a steel frame and folding opening canopy. Here's what they say about it:
Mimima Moralia is a critical installation, a manifesto of social hope with no political intention. Minima Moralia offers tiny, cellular pop-up spaces to be inhabited by designers, sculptors, painters, musicians and other creatives. It is a naked minimalistic structure and comprises a structural skeleton, a roof, a floor and a translucent external skin that is able to communicate and establish a holistic relationship with its surroundings. Acting as a window into an artistic mind, the space allows a glimpse into the creative processes and the crafting abilities that take place inside. 
Exhibited earlier this year at the London Festival of Architecture on Dalston Roof Park,

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  1. A perfect project for those who are working at home! This rooftop garden office will sure to boost the productivity of a person. Who knows, it can be a way to increase the value of your property.