Friday, November 11, 2016

Camera Lucida

A lovely art studio in Austria by Christian Tonko which has outside screens to block direct sun if it's unwanted and a series of frames from which the owner can hang bronze sculptures. It's a split-level build, the top floor used for sketching and watercolour painting the ground floor for bigger canvases and sculpture. The outside panels are made from weathering steel and inside there is a lot of raw concrete, raw steel and untreated oak.

Here's what the architects say about it:
"On an underlying conceptual level the design is inspired by an ancient optical device - the camera lucida. On the one hand it is very literally a bright chamber - constructed to achieve good light conditions which can be modulated to desired levels. At the same time the studio itself acts as an optical framing device similar to the original function of the camera lucida as a drawing aid."
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