Thursday, September 18, 2014

Is this the smallest garden office in the world?

The Poki is a frontrunner in this category, measuring 2m squared externally. It was designed and built by Huw Grantham to answer the question he posed himself, do you actually need a room big enough to stand up in?

Not only is it delightfully titchy, a lot of it is recycled and includes an old vinyl VW camper bench seat and solar powered lamp. Huw says one 'slides' into it rather than stands up in it and has a blog all about the build which is well worth a read. Here's a snippet
"The idea was to design an office small enough to not lose your garden to, but bigger enough to comfortably work in hours at a time. The whole not standing up in the office came from the fact that our discussion was taking place in a van. We were comfortable, there was plenty of light and space so why not apply those same principles? The idea of sliding into the office was born."
More photos of its surprisingly spaciously-looking interior at ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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