Thursday, June 26, 2014

Unfathomable Ruination

Unfathomable Ruination, by Portuguese artist João Onofre, will be placed outside The Gherkin on July 2 with a selection of Death Metal music performances taking place throughout the summer. Measuring 183 x 183 x 183cm, this steel cube will come to life with a set from the London based Death Metal band, Unfathomable Ruination. Following the band’s entrance, the sculpture is hermetically sealed and sound proofed, meaning the duration of the performance is entirely variable, determined by and restricted to the length of time that oxygen is expended. "Activated," it says here, "the work offers an invisible show contained in a closed space. Only the residues of the sound vibrations attest to the inner performance".

The event is part of the Sculpture in the City collaboration between the City of London Corporation, local businesses and the art world, providing the opportunity to engage new audiences with established and emerging contemporary artists. Runs 3 July – May 2015. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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