Thursday, May 15, 2014

Get your beach hut ready checklist

Specialist beach hut insurers Love Your Hut (they also insure garden offices and shepherds' huts) have put this checklist together for hutters getting ready for the new season.

1) Be prepared for rain – make sure roof coverings are secure and complete
2) Avoid fire risk – remove debris from under the hut which may have accumulated over the winter
3) Prevent damp and mildew – wipe interior walls, empty or replace any desiccant water traps. Try to ventilate your hut without compromising its security
4) Prevent intruders and vandals – make sure  windows and doors haven’t swollen or warped out of shape and that they fit properly in their frames. Make sure locks and padlocks haven’t corroded
and are fit for purpose
5) Avoid liability risks – check to make sure the hut and area around it is safe and secure especially fascia boards, steps, bases, verandas and tethered boats

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